Development Management Committee (Wed, 18th Jul 2018 - 7:00 pm) 

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  • Simon Aley

  • Cllr Mike Allen

  • Cllr David Andrews

    Position Conservative - Thundridge & Standon

  • Cllr Phyllis Ballam

    Position Conservative - Ware Christchurch

  • Cllr Peter Boylan

  • Cllr Robert Brunton

  • Cllr Mike Casey

  • Cllr Bob Deering

  • Fiona Dunning

  • Cllr Jeff Jones

  • Mr Peter Mannings

    Position Democratic Services Assistant

  • Cllr David Oldridge

  • Cllr Tim Page

    Organisation East Herts District Council

    Position Conservative - Bishop's Stortford Central

  • Cllr Peter Ruffles

  • Public Speaker

  • Mr Kevin Steptoe

    Position Head of Planning & Building Control

  • Cllr Tony Stowe